Thursday, July 24, 2014

Long Time Coming

It has been a long time since I posted here.  Too long, and so much has happened.  My last post was two weeks before I turned 50.  Two weeks later I during my birthday weekend I judged two days of AKC field trials at my dear friends Shirri Peak and Les Pekarski's home.  They had a great birthday party for me that Saturday, what a fun and special crew of people were assembled.  Three days after that wonderful time I got a phone call at work that Shirri had passed away in her sleep.  10 months after that Les was dead from liver failure.  Pretty shocking for the community that they were involved with and their friends.  Here is a photo of them with two of the best male Borzoi I'll ever see ( Both of the dogs have long passed) the inimitable Darkling in the pink blanket and his half brother Damien in yellow.  Shirri loved her Borzoi and her Les, and I know they are all reunited somewhere.  I miss her every day as do many of her friends.  I can't drive North or South on I75 through Georgia and not long for the days when I could just shoot off exit 312 and have a cup of coffee with her and enjoy her easy smile and gracious manner.  Thank you Lord for letting me have her as a friend and spend time with her. Amen.   (PS-I will try and actually update the blog with more happenings since this)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Some of the hair sheep here in the cove.   It is wicked cold this morning.  Hard for me to believe I will be 50 in two weeks.

Abrams Falls and Fall TM convention

That Archie he does clean up well.

The inimitable "Umbee" Silken Windhound extraordinaire.

Fall is a beautiful time to hike in the Smokies or just to drive through Cades Cove if you have a chance.

October 2011 we (Archie and myself) went to the Toastmasters International District 63 convention/competition there are some photos here from that. That was a Friday and Saturday night then on Sunday we had the day free so we buzzed over to GSMNP and did the Abrams Falls hike. It's around 5 miles round trip, and not terribly difficult but very scenic. I actually got a photo of two wild turkey males squaring off which was kind of cool. The fall color was just starting to become evident although it wasn't as widespread as it would be probably two weeks later. While Umbee did not get to go on the hike (Dogs are not allowed on the trails at GSMNP) he did get to go and loves to travel. Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

You cannot please everyone

I know I am getting older because I am way too mellow, and it takes way too much to start a fight with me or for me to hold a grudge. The one thing I'd like to briefly grouse about here is that I don't understand this modern world where everyone has to take their private conversations, problems or WTF ever to facebook or to blog. Whatever happened to just pulling up your big girl panties and deal with it. I have to say my friend Archie is a very good influence for me as he is a big believer in "just let it go" if it isn't something that really has a long term impact on your life. What dogs we breed to what dogs probably does not, who uses our dogs probably not, who likes our philosophy on dog breeding or not , doesn't make two shakes of a lambs tail. When you are younger that may be harder to accept but seems to be easier with age. You do what you think is right because it is right, not because someone is looking or what someone thinks. You say what you mean when asked although you may lace it with kindness if the person looks as though they need it. Damn I am getting mellow.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile

I have been scarce here lately. Here at the Borzoi Nationals in Lawrence, KS our happy dances for the week CJ (FC Avalon WNS Rising Sun SC, FCH) won the national LGRA meet , woohoo! Lots of nice ribbons and prizes for that. He was also the highest scoring Field Champion there too. CJ was also 3rd in FCH stake at the ASFA trial there too. I was kind of surprised he did not make the cut in the BBE class but I am not good at predicting dog shows. Tory ( DC Avalon Victoria Cross SC FCH) won the Veterans Stake at the BCOA ASFA trial and gave the open a run for the money in the BOB runoff, She was completely ignored in BOB but after watching that judge for three days, I knew there wouldn't be anything we entered under her that would be of even a vague interest. I will say the judge was very easy with the dogs and kind to all. RTee (Avalon Artemis FCH) who got totally screwed at the ASFA trial in prelims by the lure operator and then had a super high final score was 2nd of 4 in Novice class at the national to the bitch that was eventually RWB there so that was a nice surprise. Py (DC Avalon Victorian Pyre SC RE FCH GRC RTD2 TDI TT ) won the stud dog class at the futurity and was pretty much ignored the rest of the week. No surprises there His youngun Tanforan whose registered name I cannot get right (Oxota Avalon Tanforan at Starswift ) picked up his CGC, a 3rd in his futurity class and did make the cut in 12-18. Thank you to his owner for letting him stay for the stud dog class and letting me show him. Another youngun Myka (Avalon Oxota Ruidoso) was also third in her futurity class before getting ignored the rest of the week. Maira (CH Avalon Highland Mary GRC FCH CGC) was 4th 10 + regular veteran bitches class, woohoo and even better I got to see her mom Athena/Katya who is over 14 years old ! So put another one in the books, I'm so glad I made it and got to see my friends Josie, Debb, roomed with Leo, Doug, Suzanne, Diana E., Mary C. , Lynn Wall , Susan V, etc. So many peopl,e I don't get to see very often and they are all such grand folk. God bless everyone who helps get this together. Took 5 dogs through the eye clinic, 4 through the heart clinic, Diana bought me a beautiful bracelet with a handpainted Borzoi on it , won lots of neat things. The hot tub at the pool made it a REAL VACATION for me. It was awesome. Now back to the real world, work Monday, LONG ASS drive tomorrow too.

Vger and Tory Running Wilder