Thursday, July 24, 2014

Long Time Coming

It has been a long time since I posted here.  Too long, and so much has happened.  My last post was two weeks before I turned 50.  Two weeks later I during my birthday weekend I judged two days of AKC field trials at my dear friends Shirri Peak and Les Pekarski's home.  They had a great birthday party for me that Saturday, what a fun and special crew of people were assembled.  Three days after that wonderful time I got a phone call at work that Shirri had passed away in her sleep.  10 months after that Les was dead from liver failure.  Pretty shocking for the community that they were involved with and their friends.  Here is a photo of them with two of the best male Borzoi I'll ever see ( Both of the dogs have long passed) the inimitable Darkling in the pink blanket and his half brother Damien in yellow.  Shirri loved her Borzoi and her Les, and I know they are all reunited somewhere.  I miss her every day as do many of her friends.  I can't drive North or South on I75 through Georgia and not long for the days when I could just shoot off exit 312 and have a cup of coffee with her and enjoy her easy smile and gracious manner.  Thank you Lord for letting me have her as a friend and spend time with her. Amen.   (PS-I will try and actually update the blog with more happenings since this)

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